Shipping and logistics

National Marine Suppliers’ shipping department is a professional team that has mastered and streamlined the process of shipping your goods to everywhere from major ports across the globe to the most remote countries and islands.

No country is out of our reach; whether it is ocean or air cargo, sent via DHL, Federal Express, or UPS; our specialized computer systems can track, hour-to-hour, the location of your shipment to keep you informed, and assure on-time delivery. Whatever your requirements, schedules, and budgets – we are prepared to meet them.

To save you time and money, our Shipping Department prepares hazardous materials (HAZMAT) in-house for faster and less costly shipping. The large volume of shipping that goes through our doors enables us to pass discounts on to you, the customer, and to make it economical and feasible to have all your yacht parts and supplies delivered on board in the most efficient manner.

Whether it is a shoebox or a container, we can fill your order and ship, ensuring on-time arrival at the best possible price in the industry. In addition, we have a daily delivery service from Miami to Palm Beach with a multitude of products available for priority rush service to satisfy your yacht’s needs.

While you are in the USA, or any other port in the world, we can assist you with dockage and put you in direct contact with the local agent that will make sure you have a safe, smooth and enjoyable stay. Local knowledge is imperative and saves crew much time.

So contact National Marine Suppliers for assistance when you are cruising in waters – be they familiar or unfamiliar – and we will help you with all your logistic needs.

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National Marine is a proud supporter of the

Removing the dependency on single-use plastics from yachting

"During the last ten years, the "Golden Fleet" has been proud to be associated with National Marine Suppliers..."

Captain Mike Hitch, M/Y Golden Odyssey

"As a 15 year veteran of the industry I have seen many companies come and go, but none have weathered the storm and stood the test of time like the courteous, professional and ever proficient NATIONAL MARINE SUPPLIERS. Its name is synonymous with excellence and is as reliable as you can get, there is no better. The most incredible, friendly and reliable staff are always there to back you up, quick with a joke or an invite to that special party. Before you hit that panic button, call National Marine Suppliers, I do!!"


"We have always experienced exceptional service from National Marine during our time in the States. No task is too big in terms of produce variety, delivery location or last minute requests.
The fresh produce, meat and seafood has always been packed well and of the best quality. Derek has always gone above and beyond in terms of streamlining busy turn around days with his flexibility and professionalism!!"

Chef Kristy, MV ALUCIA

"Persistently Exceeding All Customer Expectations!!"

Captain Herb Magney, M/Y Ocean Club

"As a loyal customer of many years, we depend on National Marine’s Medical Department to handle all of our Emergency medical supplies. With excellent record-keeping and an even better staff, we rest assured we are prepared for the worst with the most advanced medical equipment available today"

Captain Fred, M/Y Due Process


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