From Concept to Completion and Beyond 

Our European office is based right in the heart of Holland’s Superyacht Shipyard community, a mere stone’s throw from Feadship’s De Vries yard. Our office site was chosen to provide National Marine Suppliers with a thriving location to best logistically support our New Build Division, the heartbeat of Project Yacht Supply, not only in Europe but globally. We are perfectly located close to the Port of Amsterdam, with a transportation network directly connecting us to all of the top luxury Yacht Builders in Europe.

The National Marine project team, is ready to assist your build team no matter what size of yacht, or degree of supply. We have built an amazing team of experienced yachting professionals that work together for the greater benefit of the client, and we pride ourselves on finishing our projects to deadline and under budget.  Our dedicated staff are experts in their fields and can offer provisioning solutions; from following a large detailed spreadsheet of specified items,  to offering an owner or management company a complete turnkey package.

Whether you know exactly which brands and items you prefer, are the kind of client that would like to see examples via presentations, or more tactile and like to hold, touch and feel the front of house guest samples; we will work closely with you offering the best product solutions for your specific needs. We can work alongside your designers to help create a cohesive guest experience complementing the design and aesthetic, as well as purchase any Owners Supply items they have specified to keep with one centralized purchasing department. We will make sure samples are made available to the yard for outfitting purposes and will suggest alternatives based on availability or functionality as needed. From bespoke luxury to a family atmosphere country kitchen we have every integral product. Our NB division also developed our own spreadsheets, which can act as a starting point and help the task at hand seem less overwhelming.

A successful yacht program starts with a service orientated approach to the initial outfitting of each area onboard, drawing on our thirty years’ experience we can offer proactive solutions to the most challenging of build situations. Whether it’s a minimalistic crew area, an undersized galley,  the usual storage shortages, outfitting for dual climates, a challenging budget, an impractical deadline or any specific cultural requirements; we can assure you there isn’t an issue we haven’t already faced and proactively solved. Our understanding of everyday crew processes enables us to offer our clients a streamlined and seamless transition into operational use, regardless of when the Pjt Crew arrive. Our services have been established to enhance the speed orders can be checked in and unpacked once onboard. Your inventory systems can be preloaded before your shipments even arrive, and you will know exactly where each item is loaded on any shipment.

Utilizing the NMS New Build division as your project purchasing agent, with our trusted open book policies and worldwide logistical support, provides your team with the assurance that they are getting the best possible pricing for every area of supply. We would be happy to discuss in depth with you are pricing structures and explain further all of the value added services we provide. We endeavor to keep our supply chains carbon footprint as small as possible, and source locally when it makes the most sense for pricing and shipping, our purchasing power is truly global.

Our operating technology lets your build team see in real time the status of any quote or order as well as offers differing access and levels of approvals for department heads, managers and accounts staff. With the different project, designer and build teams usually spanning differing time zones this lets us extend the workday to cover not just Europe but the USA as well, seamlessly creating in essence a 15hr workday. The Owners team can then log in from wherever their base location is and can see updates and progress without having to request it or waiting for it to be compiled.

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Removing the dependency on single-use plastics from yachting

"During the last ten years, the "Golden Fleet" has been proud to be associated with National Marine Suppliers..."

Captain Mike Hitch, M/Y Golden Odyssey

"As a 15 year veteran of the industry I have seen many companies come and go, but none have weathered the storm and stood the test of time like the courteous, professional and ever proficient NATIONAL MARINE SUPPLIERS. Its name is synonymous with excellence and is as reliable as you can get, there is no better. The most incredible, friendly and reliable staff are always there to back you up, quick with a joke or an invite to that special party. Before you hit that panic button, call National Marine Suppliers, I do!!"


"We have always experienced exceptional service from National Marine during our time in the States. No task is too big in terms of produce variety, delivery location or last minute requests.
The fresh produce, meat and seafood has always been packed well and of the best quality. Derek has always gone above and beyond in terms of streamlining busy turn around days with his flexibility and professionalism!!"

Chef Kristy, MV ALUCIA

"Persistently Exceeding All Customer Expectations!!"

Captain Herb Magney, M/Y Ocean Club

"As a loyal customer of many years, we depend on National Marine’s Medical Department to handle all of our Emergency medical supplies. With excellent record-keeping and an even better staff, we rest assured we are prepared for the worst with the most advanced medical equipment available today"

Captain Fred, M/Y Due Process


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