Pacojet: A Cool Recipe for Success

Feb 1, 2019

The “Must Have” Cooking System for Pros!

From the top chefs’ secret helper to an absolute “must-have”: the Pacojet has become indispensable in successful professional kitchens worldwide. This unique cooking system combines unlimited creativity with superb results while saving costs. Pacotizing micro-purees fresh deep-frozen food preparations into a silky-smooth texture without thawing. Pacotizing increases the surface area of the ingredients many times over, intensifying the aromas. The special processing technique preserves the fresh natural colors of your ingredients. Pacotizing produces ultra-fine, airy textures. Delight your guests with exquisite taste sensations!



  • Intuitive touchscreen navigation
  • Four calibratable processing modes: pacotizing®, cutting/chopping, mixing and cleaning
  • Application specific portioning: process entire beakers at once or work micro-portion specific
  • Rescue function for processing overfilled beakers
  • Powerful motor, with up to five-years of warranty
  • Possibility to save personal preferences and settings
  • Processing food with or without over-pressure
  • Portion counter to monitor utility to date
  • Simple, display-guided, system cleaning



Product Specifications

  • Rated capacity: 950 W
  • Voltage (variants): 220‒240V/50‒60Hz; 90‒120V/ 50‒60HZ
  • Dimensions (mm): 498 x 182 x 360 (height x width x depth)
  • Net weight: 15.7 kg
  • Beaker capacity: 1.2 L (H: 135 mm, Ø 130 mm)
  • Maximum beaker fill volume: 0.8 L
  • Temperature for pacotizing frozen foods: -18 °C to -23 °C | 0 °F to -9 °F
  • Air pressure: approx. 1 bar


For product inquiries, please contact Derek Alleman, Appliance & Galley Specialist, at [email protected]

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