MX2 Infuser – Industry-Leading Innovation in a Compact Footprint

Dec 20, 2022


MX2 Infuser

The MX2 Infuser offers industry-leading vacuum technologies in a compact package. The unit arrives preset for flavor infusion & extraction, marination, sous vide packaging, and food preservation. Designed by a team of chefs the MX2 Infuser marinates meat for a succulent stew in just a few minutes. Impress everyone with sophisticated cocktails with a touch of the touch screen to prepare the drink bases and serve them immediately. Offer your guests a fragrant limoncello in just a few moments with the perfect alcohol content without having to plan and prepare it weeks in advance. Prepare your pouches and jars and make the most of them by cooking them at low temperatures.

Store up to 24 customizable vacuum programs with presets executed via full color TFT display. The unit is equipped with H2O Smart™ humidity sensors that enable flavor infusion into liquids and extraction of flavors from solids while eliminating boil-over. An angled liquid tray ensures that liquid-rich bags will not spill. Careful considerations were made for easy cleaning and maintenance that includes a pop-out seal bar system, auto oil cleaning alerts, and an easily-removed soft-close lid. This unit exhibits excellent performance under heavy use and is ready for the professional kitchen and bar!