Locally Sourced New England Seafood Deliveries

Jul 1, 2020

In an effort to better assist our yachting clientele who went to the New England area for charter this summer our Provisions Department searched for effective solutions for shipping them their provisions affordably and safely. We are proud to introduce a new seafood line from a distributor that specializes in boutique seafood in Boston, New York City, and across the country. This addition allows our Provisions department to have the best seafood sent to our customers for a fraction of the cost eliminating the need for shipping since the distributor is able to hand deliver the goods on our behalf to you in that region. Wulf’s Fish will source only the best seafood, handle it meticulously, and cut fish by hand with an old school attention to detail and service. Like a sommelier of seafood, together we are provisioning your yacht’s chef with the best selections. We are proud to announce this collaborative effort to source only the best seafood, prepared by expert cutters who have received national press attention, and still be able to provide exemplary customer service through this new business relationship for our customers.

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