Marine Data Solutions – Introducing Marine Mobile Internet

Jul 24, 2018


Marine Data Solutions is proud to introduce the best High Speed 4G LTE Mobile Internet for Continental USA and Bahamas! 10 times faster than Vsat, and 10 times less expensive.
  • Unlimited GB, of Unthrottled High Speed Internet in Continental USA at $500 per month, with no contract.
  • Continental USA internet speeds up to 100mbps.
  • Bahamas Internet Speeds up to 55mbps.
  • Bahamas now have full coverage, including Exuma Cays and Berry Islands.
  • SIM cards and Equipment available in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Works with the existing 4g equipment you already have on board.
  • Convenient and competitive rate options, with no contract commitments, or get even better pricing with a contract commitment, your choice.
  • Professional installation & activation services available.


Cost Effective Wireless 4G LTE Data for Boats and Yachts from Marine Data Solutions on Vimeo.

At Marine Data Solutions we solve several of the complex problems of on-board internet connectivity. We have created the Marine Data Solutions array of equipment and mobile internet connectivity plans with yachting communication and entertainment needs in mind. Integration of this 4G LTE high speed system with the vessel’s current Wi-Fi system is simple. Our affordable high-speed service allows you and your guests to handle business transactions, personal correspondence, and entertainment needs simultaneously. Movie streaming becomes a breeze for the owners and guests. Downloading a chart or running payroll is at the captain’s fingertips. That special recipe the chef is looking for can easily be looked up online. Provisioning becomes less of a chore for the chief stew. And finally, children can play their favorite video games without timing out.

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