Locally Sourced Mac Edwards Produce

May 5, 2020

Food waste has become a bigger issue as traditionally big, bulk buyers like college dorms, hotels, and restaurant chains have suddenly stopped receiving deliveries as of recent. As a result, many farmers had no alternative but to turn fresh vegetables into mulch. In response, new alliances are being formed as demand from restaurants dry up and consumers look for new ways of delivery for these supply chains in an effort to mitigate destruction of perfectly good product. We are proud to work closely with one such suppliers Mac Edwards Produce. They have been serving South Florida since 1941, and they are helping us to source some fo the very best locally grown and locally sourced South Florida produce for our customers. The produce comes from food-safe sources and is handled in a food-safe operations throughout the process and then delivered directly to your vessel. We continue to work with them and many other specialty food supply vendors to get the best produce and meats to supply your vessel, owners, and chefs onboard. Contact our Provisions Department to learn more about the variety still available and schedule your next order and delivery.