Boosted Boards – The World’s Most Advanced Electric Longboards

Aug 3, 2015

National Marine is Now Carrying Boosted Dual Electric Longboards.

Boosted Board

The Boosted Dual uses our twin motor technology for superior handling and traction. With two powerful independent motors, you can carve hard and power through turns. Surfers, snowboarders, and skiers love the feeling of carving every day of the year. Whether you’re out on your neighborhood streets for fun or flying uphill past bikers on your way to work, Dual drive is the perfect electric longboard.

•Boosted Dual Drive 1,500 Watt Electric Longboard
•Bluetooth Remote Control
•60 Minute Fast Charger

Performance Specs

Max Speed – 20 mph

Get to your destination fast. Zip past bikers on your morning commute and arrive with plenty of time to grab a coffee.

Range – 7 Miles

Expect 7 miles of range under normal riding conditions while in eco mode. In expert mode you can expect 6 miles of range. Riding slowly increases range, while hills and rough pavement decrease range. Regenerative brakes help you recoup energy riding down hills or coming to a stop. You can easily kick push the board if you do run out of battery, so you’ll never be stranded.

Power – 1,500 Watts

Race up hills with amazing torque. Elite Tour de France riders generate 500W riding up the mountains. You’ve got up to 3x that available on demand.

Uphill Climbing – 20% Grade

Never walk up those steep hills or break a sweat again. You’ll speed up unbelievably steep hills faster than even the most fully spandexed bikers.

Powerful Regenerative Braking

Brake with confidence using Boosted’s powerful regenerative braking system. Both driven wheels help slow you down so you can stop confidently even while turning or going down a hill. Highly efficient regeneration is active whenever you pull the brakes helping you recoup energy riding down hills or coming to a stop.

Product Specs

Weight – 15 lbs

The board is light enough so you can easily carry it up stairs, in a restaurant or into any workplace. You can stow the board under your desk or lean it up against any wall – safe from people bumping into it.

Deck Length – 38 Inches

At the lower end of a typical longboard length, the board allows for great cruising on streets and sidewalks as well as the ability to easily stow in tight places.

Truck Width – 10 Inches

Genuine Caliber trucks match the Loaded Vanguard Deck geometry beautifully, giving you optimal wheel-to-deck clearance for clean carving. You’ll feel sure and stable with the extra wide wheelbase from these 10″ class longboarding trucks.

Wheel Size – 75mm

The Orangatang In Heat wheels are perfect for hard turns, provide excellent traction and can easily handle manholes or cracks on the road.