Armus – Intelligent Sustainable Solutions

Dec 15, 2022

Armus provides intelligent coating solutions that bring nanotechnology into service in our macro wold. Our solutions are specifically designed to prolong the life cycle of any material. A joint-venture partnership between Armus USA and NanoPhos SA has created a collaboration of design professionals, engineers, and construction experts that understand the importance of providing sustainable solutions at affordable maintenance costs. NanoPhos was established back in 2005 in Lavrio Attica, Greece, on the premises of the Technological & Scientific Park. Their vision is continuous research, development and production of new, innovative materials based on nanotechnology. Their aim is to effectively meet the needs of clients cross-industry, in construction, manufacturing, marine and more. Every one of our nanotech products protects the environments in which we live and work every day. Because protection is so vital, every product is designed to last, and to make the assets of our clients last. Together, we have harnessed the power of nanotechnology; the science of smart, functional materials and the bonds they create. Armus products are guaranteed to perform, and to strive to make this complex science more accessible, creating a hassle free sustainable solution to everyday problems. Because our coatings and paints work on a variety of substrates, we are a universal single hub solution for contractors and developers that care about sustainability by prolonging the life cycle of their assets through revolutionary nanotechnology-based systems.


Hull Pro is a 2-part nano-formulated epoxy fouling-release topcoat that provides full hull protection for both fresh and saltwater vessels with a formula that is non-sacrificial and biocide-free. The surface of Armus Hull Pro coating helps to repel microorganisms, prevents corrosion, which in turn reduces maintenance and cleaning costs. Spend less time scraping and cleaning vessel hulls. It is easy to apply, requiring only a single coat, and maintenance is simple after application completed by airless/air sprayer, roller or brush. Hull Pro is a self-leveling finish and takes approximately 24 hours to fully dry. With a high-gloss transparent finish, it is ideal for all marine applications. Hull Pro can not only protect vessel hulls, but trailers and other metal surfaces as well. Simply power wash your vessel’s hull quickly and easily. The cleaning process eases by using simple tools such as a microfiber cloth or a soft bristle brush. After the success of Hull Pro, Poseidon Extreme was developed as a complete protectant for a variety of substrates. Poseidon Extreme is a 2-step two-component, high-solids epoxy primer and topcoat that provides full protection for all applications. It is sandable, nano-formulated with a high bond with its topcoat, and suitable for application on fiberglass and all metal surfaces. The topcoat is a low-friction, long-lasting coating with fouling-release properties. Together, Poseidon Extreme’s complete solution is amphiphilic and its modified epoxies in the primer and topcoat prevent rust, osmosis, and fouling-release properties.